Meet the Maker


Since you’re here you must be a lover of minimal, aromatic, & non-toxic candles. Me too! Welcome to The Roaming Candle Co. Handcrafted, clean burning soy candles that are inspired by nature and made with you in mind. Each piece is uniquely created with care in Hollister, California.

I am a wife and mother to four wild ones. While they keep me busy (and permanently exhausted) I love to create in my free time. I also enjoy spending time in nature. I find it to be the most astonishing muse. When curating candles inspired by nature and the little moments in life I feel my most authentic self. Basically, I love what I do and I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I love making them.

" don't forget to let your soul roam from time to time, you may be surprised at what you find "